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We are offering to the owners of Chisinau apartments, houses and offices our real estate services. Our agency specialises in apartments and houses for rental

• Do I need a rental agency? Can’t I find otherwise Chisinau accommodation?

• What are the most interesting for living places in Chisinau?

Chisinau that isn’t a big and very spacious city doesn’t show significant differences in the places popularity.

• What is the policy of renting an apartment in Chisinau?

The policy of renting apartment is very simple and presents many advantages for customer comfort and safety.

• How to fix, prepare, furnish, equip an apartment for rent with success?

Rental.md agency collaboration is a serious one, therefore if the apartment is only at stage of repair before rent,...

• What are the conditions of cooperation?

The conditions of collaborating with apartment renting agency Rental.md, are following:

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» 635 Chisinau Apartment in a new block of flats Chisinau Apartment in a new block of flats
Placement : Centre, P.Rares str., Moldova, Chisinau
The address of the apartment, street : Petru Rares 39/1
Real estate Services : Apartment for rent for minimum 1 year lease
Overall surface, m² : 240
Comprising : 1 living room, open-plan kitchen, 1 dining room, large hall, 2 bedrooms, 2 rooms, balcony
Long term rent 1500 €