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Our experience in Chisinau short term rental and long term rental is already vast and we remark that our new customers have a series of recurring questions. Anticipating your typical questions for renting in Chisinau one of our vacation apartments, here you will find some answers. If you can not find the answer to your question, please contact our agency.

Questions for our serviced Chisinau apartments:

What is a short term apartment rental and why is it better than staying in a Hotel?

The short term rent in Chisinau is a cost-effective alternative to a hotel stay. An apartment can be rented from 2 nights up to several weeks. The reason why this is such a widely popular option all over the world is due to a well developed and established service. Our real estate agency alone has been in rental business for over 14 years. High cost of hotel prices, the lack of space and privacy in a hotel are just few reasons that make serviced apartments rental option very attractive.

How do we get to the apartment we booked?

We can propose you our transfer service.
Our driver will already know address of your Chisinau serviced apartment and will take you directly there. Transfer’s cost is – 15 EUR. Alternatively, if you choose your own mean of transportation, simply call us in advance and our real estate agent will be dispatched to meet you at the apartment to hand you the key from the vacation apartment collect the balance and. To note that our agent can accommodate you between 8:00 – 20:00. If you arrive out of this period, the check in can be done only with our driver! Service cost – 15 EUR

Office working hours are 9:00 – 18:00.

What if our flight or train is delayed?

Our driver will follow the schedule of the arrivals. Be assured you will be met at any hour you arrive. If you choose to arrange a cab of your own, and your flight is delayed simply call us at any phone number listed in contacts and we will make appropriate arrangements.

Is renting an apartment in Chisinau safe?

Renting a short term apartment in Chisinau is a very safe accommodation option. All of our apartments are located in the center of Chisinau, which is perfectly safe. Since our agency works in this area, we have not had a single incident associated with any of our client.

When is usual Check-In/Check-Out time?

Check-in is from 2 pm (14:00) and check-out is by noon (12:00). If these times do not suite you, please let us know and we will verify if the check in/check out can be done before/after the usual time..

If I check in or out between hours of 19:00 and 9:00: 

In this case, the transfer service to/from the Airport / Train station is mandatory! This is necessary as our driver / representative will hand/collect the key of the apartment to/from you, will check the apartment and refund you the security deposit.

Is it possible to have an early Check-In or late Check-Out Time?

This is only possible when we do not have a client checking out or checking in that day. Serviced Chisinau apartments are quite busy and therefore it is better not to count on this. If you want to be assured of an early check in or late check out – you should reserve and pay the apartment for ½ day more, each case is individual, please, check with our real estate agent.

Can I reserve any apartment?

Absolutely! You will be informed about the availability of the apartment you want to rent in our first e-mail or by on-line support. In case the apartment you are interested in is not available for the requested period, we will propose you other options that correspond to your criteria.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. The price includes rent, utilities (energy consumption, gas, water, WI-FI, television), maid service before check in after check-out. If your stay is 5+ days, the cleaning will be done each 4-7 days (maid service can be done daily for a small extra fee). The Deposit/Security amount is NOT included in the remainder of the rental payment.

Is there high speed Internet in the apartments?

All of the apartments have High Speed Internet.

What is included in the apartment?

Maid service before check in, maid service once every 4-7 of days indicated in the description. The apartments are fully equipped for a comfortable short term rent: linen – sheets, towels, kitchen towels, kitchen utensils and everything else you may need for home like living. Daily or more frequent maid service is available for extra charge.

IMPORTANT – most of our clients prefer privacy and therefore we ask you to inform us exactly when you would like to schedule the maid service. Please call your agent or main phone number a day or two prior to your desired maid service and let us know what time you would like the cleaning lady to come.

What if during my stay something breaks or malfunctions in the apartment?

There are rear cases when something breaks or malfunctions in our apartments, we will dispatch a specialist to fix the problem immediately. If the problem can’t be fixed in a reasonable time, we will relocate you to another apartment of equivalent or better level.

What if someone else joins me in the apartment?

If you will have guests and the extensible sofa will be used to accommodate them, the cost will be +5 EUR/night. You can use the extendable bed in the living room, for example, which means that you need additional bed linen and towels. Inform your agent about the number of persons that will live in.

Can I bring my pet?

If you are bringing a pet along, your Chisinau apartment rental variants might be limited. Most landlords in Chisinau do not allow pets. It may also depend on the breed and temperament of the pet. If you plan on bringing a pet, please notify us before you booking.

Can I change my check-in date?

No – as your reservation deposit guarantees the apartment for the EXACT dates which you provided. However, if you notify us well in advance (at least 7 days) we will check if we can change the dates.

How long does the reservation stay valid in cases of no-show?

When customers fail to arrive in Chisinau on their scheduled date it is THEIR duty to inform us about the changes. It can be done by phone or e-mail. The reservation stays valid one day. In case of no show, you loose the right for the deposit amount and the apartment will be available for other clients.

Can myself, or my friends see an apartment before we make a reservation?

Our Chisinau vacation apartments are occupied 90% of the time. However, we can try to show the apartment prior to the booking – only if this one is available. Please be assured that our pictures and descriptions are completely accurate and up to date.

What is the booking procedure?

Once we confirm availability and you are interested in booking the apartment for the period of your stay, you will be asked to pay reservation deposit which is 50 EUR for most of the cases, and 100 EUR in some cases.

How can I pay the Guarantee amount?

If you are not in Moldova, the deposit amount can be paid by Western Union transfer or if you have a trusted person here, he/she can pay the amount at our office. Once the deposit in paid, you receive a payment confirmation.

What will I be charged at time of booking?

Once we confirm availability, you have to pay only the reservation deposit.

Do you offer any discounts?

Of course. If you book with our rental office for more than 5-7+ days we can offer an attractive discount for long stays and monthly rates for your stay in Chisinau. The discount is offered individually and depends of the period, number of days and persons staying in the apartment.

Is security deposit required?

Depending on the apartment, security deposits ranging 50 -100 EUR are required. You will be issued an invoice stating the deposit is fully refundable provided everything within the apartment is returned in the original shape. An invoice is issued if the security deposit is collected.

NOTE: Tenants with small children and pets – please inform us in advance about them.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Booking an apartment is a mutual obligation. We reserve the accommodation for the entire term of your stay and refuse other clients interested in this apartment (if the dates coincide).

Bookings cancelled by customers – reservation deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation. We encourage our tenants to plan their trips carefully. In case if the trip is shortened, we refund the client after a recalculation of the rental fee tariff plus 1 day penalty. Please, notify that other rental offices are not refunding the rental fee at all. We consider that each situation is different and we do our best to find a solution suitable for everyone and to be flexible.

Can be the booking cancelled by the agency or landlord?

Bookings cancelled by owners (landlords) – if owner of the apartment has to cancel a confirmed booking, we will make all the efforts to find you an alternative accommodation of equal or better standards for you trip period. If the alternative accommodation is not found to be suitable we can also issue 100% refund of the deposit.

How and when will I pay for the apartment?

The whole rental amount must be paid to our real estate agent at the check-in, in cash. Rates are calculated in EUR. Payment is made in Moldavian Lei according to that day’s National Bank rate.