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Chisinau apartments, houses, offices for rent

ID 1431 Rental house outside Chisinau

125 €


Chisinau suburbs

Real estate type:

Residential house in Chisinau,


with private courtyard,

with panoramic views

Real estate Service:

Short, medium and long term rent


2-levels private house: semi – basement + ground floor + 1 level,


leasure and barbecue area,

private courtyard,


ID 1065 Mini-hotel for Chisinau accommodation

Special Offer

Mini-hotel for Chisinau accommodation

35-40 €




next to the centre

Real estate type:

Serviced House – Mini-hotel for vacation rental

Real estate Service:

Vacation accommodation (short-term)


2-levels private house: basement + ground floor + 1 level,

8 rooms,

sauna & resting room,

private courtyard,

indoor pool,

parking space

We are looking for a house for rent in Chisinau! Urgently!

Tenant – International Company’s Director! Luxury house 1 or 2 levels in the center on Chisinau or next to the center courtyard, garage, 3 bedrooms + dressing For more details…

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Why the collaboration with our estate agency is advantageous?

Why the collaboration with our estate agency is advantageous? • We are a specialized real estate agency in apartments and house rent in Chisinau Moldova; • You collaborate…

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How we can rent an apartment in Chisinau?

To rent an apartment  or to receive necessary assistance with Rental.md agency is very easy. You must only  to join our website www.rental.md  and choose the desired apartment or to…

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What are the conditions of cooperation?

The conditions of collaborating  with apartment renting agency Rental.md, are following: we visit, evaluate and verify the apartment that should be rented, then take place the act of singing the…

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How to fix, prepare, furnish, equip an apartment for rent with success?

Rental.md agency collaboration is a serious one, therefore if the apartment is only at stage of repair before rent, customers can receive our free help in equipping, furnishing and preparing…

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What is the policy of renting an apartment in Chisinau?

The policy of renting apartments is very simple and presents many advantages for customer comfort and safety. Monthly payment in advance, notice to terminate the contract…

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